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Founding partner, Sam Mogannam, is so excited to share his picks for the must-have ingredients. All things you’d find in Sam’s own kitchen, he shares a few tips for how to best put this gift of pantry staples and specialty items to use.

- Eat Good Food, an essential for every home cook, is Sam’s own cookbook, provides a new way to look at food, not only the ingredients we buy, but also how to prepare them. Featuring 90 recipes for the dishes that have made Bi-Rite Market famous, combined with Sam’s favorite recipes, the book helps readers discover exactly how to get the best flavor from each ingredient.             

- Poschiavo Spaghetti has been made by the Fisler family in the Valle di Poschiavo, just over the Italian border in Switzerland ,since 1900. Made of coarsely ground hard durum wheat, the beautifully rough texture has a great chew and a nutty flavor.

- Bi-Rite California Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a robust and complex olive oil with ripe fruit notes and a long finish. The perfect balance of bitterness and pepper.

- Marisal Sea Salt is an artisanal salt, hand-harvested by a century-old co-op of local families in Colima, Mexico. Dried by the sun, it has a porous and crunchy texture. It's great for baking or as a finishing salt for salads or veggies.

- Bi-Rite Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is young, smooth, yet tart, and ideal for everyday use. Produced by Acetaia Leonardi in Tuscany, one of the most respected vinegar makers in the world. 

- Burlap & Barrel Cured Sumac is a spectacular cured sumac from Gaziantep, Turkey. It’s not dried, but chopped and preserved in salt, providing a bright, sour, salt, and slightly fermented flavor. A classic spice to add brightness and acidity to a wide variety of dishes, as well as a delicious topping for hummus.

- Diaspora Co. Turmeric is the best turmeric on the market. It’s single origin, direct trade, and sustainably farmed grown in Andhra Pradesh, India. Made with 100% heirloom seeds, this spice is fresh, pungent, and bitter.

-  Muso Hot Yuzu is a bright and fragrant hot sauce featuring the unique and beautifully tart citrus fruit from Japan. Use it to liven up salad dressings, chicken soup, or fish!

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