Delicious Extravaganza


Bi-Rite Market

We’re so excited to introduce even more amazing, small local producers crafting delicious salty, sweet treats in this extravaganza box.

  • Eat Makhana Snack Puffs: based in San Mateo, California, Eat Mahkana crafted a light, crunchy snack, nutritious snack  made of popped water lily seeds, a treat co-founder Mallika’s mom made for her as a child.
  • Ohana Brothers Himalayan Pink Salt Potato Chips: made from good, old-fashioned 100% Idaho potatoes these chips have just the right amount of sea salt for a delightfully crunchy afternoon snack.
  • Bi-Rite Market with Recchiuti Confections Salted Caramel Bar: a tantalizing combination of a caramel burnt sugar base folded into cream and butter with flecks of Brittany sea salt and 64% semisweet dark chocolate.
  • RJ’s Signature Licorice: this family owned and operated business from the New Zealand town of Levin, crafts soft licorice that conjures all our favorite, happy childhood memories
  • Unreal Coconut Bar: made using only coconut, cassava syrup, and dark chocolate this is the perfect treat for an afternoon self-care break.
  • Nora’s Spicy Tempura Seaweed Snacks: tempura-fried, salty-sweet-spicy pieces of roasted seaweed are among the best seaweed snacks we’ve ever tried.
  • Wholesome Bakery Kitchen Sink Cookie: handmade, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, this cookie has a little bit of everything delicious, including organic chocolate chips, caramel, oats, sea salt, and pecans. Yum!
  • Rustic Bakery Chocolate Cacao Nib Shortbread Cookies: the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon coffee break, these cookies are a rich, chocolatey take on the classic buttery shortbread cookie made using ultra-rich Valrhona cocoa powder, cacao nibs, and fleur de sel.
  • Cici's Handmade Lemon Italian Cookies: inspired by Nana Julie's secret family recipe, these delightful treats have the perfect punch of citrus and a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture.
  • Diane Love’s Love Crisps: passed down through three generations of strong Black women, the recipes created by her mom and granny inspire the flavors in Diane Love’s handmade Love Crisps.