Boneless Ribeye Roast

Country Natural Beef


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Size: Half (~7lb)
Half (~7lb)
Whole (~15lb)

Basically a boneless Prime Rib, this cut of beef is fantastic, and prepared as a roast is a great alternative to grilling as steaks. Great marbling, super tender, and highly flavorful, this is a beef eater’s dream. Be sure to use a meat thermometer so you can roast to a perfect medium rare temperature. Finish your ribeye roast with a sprinkling of high-quality flaky sea salt or butter to further elevate the experience.  –Chili M

Sourced from Country Natural Beef, a forward-thinking cooperative founded in Oregon has 100 families across the West all focused on regenerative ranching specializes in juicy, unbelievably delicious beef. Their Grazewell Program puts even greater emphasis on pasture rotation and measuring carbon sequestration resulting in positively impacting soil health. Cows are raised in the most responsible way on verdant pastures and are G.A.P. Animal Welfare certified and non-GMO Project verified.

Half (~7lb) Serves 7 to 10
Whole (~15lb) Serves 17 to 20

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