'Champ du Roy' Blanc

Château Coupe Roses


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Château Coupe Roses has been in the Le Calvez family since 1614, situated on the high plateau around the historic village of Minerve in the Languedoc in southern France. Françoise Le Calvez and husband Pascal Frissant, with their son Mathias and daughter Sarah, are making thoughtful yet exciting Mediterranean wines!

Champ du Roy Blanc is made up of 70% Grenache Blanc and 30% Muscat Petits Grains from certified organic, low-yielding vines grown on exposed limestone from 750 to 1,350 feet above sea level.

Hand-picked, then fermented in tank and amphora with native yeast without inoculation with minimal racking and extensive lees contact.

Tasting Notes
Deliciously lush yet fresh, with creamy layers of lemon, candied citrus peel, pear, walnut skins, tarragon, fennel, and orange blossom. This is the kind of wine that you can sniff for hours.

Try with buttery lobster or crab, mussels, tagine, pulled pork or an Alpine cheese like Emmentaler or Gruyère.